Sayings of Samuel Godfrey George - June 2017, Part 1

Only one person can save ultimately. He is God. Knowing this is vital.
Love God first. Obedience will follow love.
Be willing to make mistakes in public, and you will enjoy your learning.
Don't worry. Just take it step by step. Learn what you can now. And learn it well.
Did I have a privileged schooling? My schools taught me little. I learned from the world. I made mistakes. And here I am.
Understanding is a step-by-step process. If you understand little today, be happy about it. And hope to understand more tomorrow.
Let fear not rule over you. Submit all to God, and desire his will to be done. Do whatever good God has empowered you to do.
Observe language. Relish it. Fall in love with it. That's the only way you will be a part of it.
Do good as long as you can. For the day will come, when doing good is no longer possible.
You will not improve, as long as you feel sorry for yourself.
You can be a total failure in the eyes of the world, and a brilliant success in the eyes of…