Sayings of Samuel Godfrey George - May 2017

Sometimes you will have to do it late to do it best.
There will always be those who deny that Jesus Christ is God. And they will use the Bible to discredit his divinity. That divinity is unquestionably clear in the Bible. We have situations in the Bible, where the word "God" is made distinct in reference from Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. But this is simply on account of the inadequacy of language. God is One and in three. Consider the words in Genesis, when God says, "Let Us make man in Our image." This reveals a great mystery to me. And the word Elohim in that context, refers to a plural God.
The God of the Old Testament is also Jesus Christ. He is also the Holy Spirit. The three are One.
If Jesus is not God, who is he? Is he just another son of God, like an angel or a spiritually regenerated human? Is he simply a messenger? Is he just a prophet or a holy man, as some people say? Or is he something worse, a deceiver or a lunatic perhaps? Conside…

Sayings of Samuel Godfrey George , April 2017

Don't let anything or anyone disturb you when you are in the zone. Let inspiration alone be your companion. It is better not to try shortcuts. You just might meet with an accident if you do. To be able to love someone even when that person does not return the love is the kind of freedom that should be particularly desired. To be able to love anyone without expecting anything in return is an enviable freedom. Not to care about results is a great freedom, which may even improve one's performance. True freedom is to be able to do something without expecting any response from anyone. Don't wait for someone to do the dirty work. Do it yourself if you care about the mess. God does not always speak. Nor is he always silent. That is why it is hard to turn away from him. Sometimes you just have to keep quiet. The undesirable will leave on its own. Moderate desire will not get you to the top. If you want to climb an impossible peak, you need to be madly passionate about getting…

Sayings of Samuel Godfrey George, March 2017

To trust in God is equal to saying, "I don't like this. But I will let God do this anyway, for I trust him to be good eventually." We say, "Thy will be done" and secretly hope that it is our will that will be done. The essence of trusting God lies in accepting what we do not like, and letting it shape us into the people that God wants us to be, Don't be anxious about anything. But pray about everything that frightens you. Thank God for being near you. He won't let you be harmed by anyone or anything. He is the guardian and the protector of your soul. Believe in the one to whom you have entrusted your precious life. Trust in God today. Believe that he will guide you to a safe place. And boldly affirm your confidence in this manner, "If God is for me, who can be against me? Who can prevail over me? The Lord will not permit his child to suffer more than he or she can bear. The devil may hassle me for a while, but God will save me in the …