Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Old Rugged Cross

The cross of love is what I will cling to till my last breath.

When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

Sayings of Samuel Godfrey George, August 2017

Honest unbelief is better than dishonest belief.

Honest criticism is worthier than dishonest praise.

Photo apps try to make a person look like an animal. It's something people like to do. There is nothing wrong with that. But the sad truth is, human beings have the potential to do greater damage than any animal could.

The problem with showing that God is love, is that our definition of love is at odds with who God is.

You don't have to move God by the way you behave. God is already moved by his love for you.

Stop seeing yourself as limited and flawed. Start seeing yourself as unlimited and perfect. This is how God sees you.

Human beings may be unworthy of love. Yet we must love them, as God loves us.

Don't wait for people to make you happy. You have God with you. That is enough reason to be happy.

Don't worry about your health. Just enjoy life and your health will be fine.

We should be useful to others. That's why we are living today.

There's something lacking in this life. That's why we look forward to another life.

All is well is a faith statement. In reality all will never be well.

Marketing techniques exploit the idiocy of human beings. They arouse desires that will never be fulfilled.

The ultimate selling point of Christianity is that we will cry no more one day. This is why many hopeless people wait in hope.

If you cannot distinguish between quality and quantity, you are an idiot.

You may tolerate a submissive employee even if he is a thief. But you may not tolerate a rebellious one, even if he is honest.

Christ paid for our sins. But we can't get away scot free. When we go to heaven, we can never forget that we were saved by grace.

The one who resists love should live without it.

Wrongdoing without consequences is an offence against divine principles. Everyone must pay something for his mistakes.

Punishment is really an act of love. If someone is not punished, he will not learn. And it is right to punish the wrongdoer.

There is a price to be paid for bad behaviour. One must claim that price to be fair to all who behave well.

Forgiving an offender a few times is good. But to show sympathy for a repeat offender is folly.

When revolt takes place against a corrupt authority, it is necessary to dislodge a tyrannical ruler. But revolt is rarely right.

Forgive, but don't forget the offender. Don't overlook the tendency to offend. Offenders are likely to offend again.

God places some of us in authority. We need to obey those in authority, whether we like it or not.

Unfairness exists. Even the best of us can be wrong. But when a worker criticises his employer openly, it is an act of revolt.

People should submit to authority. Workers should honour their employers. Anything else is improper.

A servant is not above his master. Servanthood is an act of submission to God first and then to the master.

Pride in a poor person is totally out of place. It is humility that is the supreme gift of poverty.

I believe in God, and doubt him every day. I have faith, and I still fear. You cannot have the day without the night.

You are not at rest, because you are in fear. You fear death. You expect doom. You await the faithlessness of God.

The people who endure pain best are those who were expecting it, and so, were prepared in advance.

Death is part of the game called life. It is not the end, and even if it is, this game is well worth playing.

The fear of death is the greatest threat to your sanity. This game of life was meant to end right from the beginning.

It is the persistent darkness that makes us passionately desire light. Where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.

We go through cycles of faith and doubt. We believe, then doubt. If we only had faith, it will be an untested, untrusted faith.

When John the Baptist doubted Jesus as the Messiah, should I be surprised that you doubt me as a servant of God?

Faith is believing in light in total darkness. It is to believe in God's faithfulness when he appears totally unreliable.

Let not your pain defeat you, and drive you to the edge of your sanity. Face the darkness without fearing it.

Physical ailment can totally destroy your poise, and make you do uncharacteristic things because you fear death.

Who robs you of peace, is not the rule-conscious God, but the knowledgeable devil, who knows what a terrible rule-breaker you are.

Don't let little things irritate you. It's easier said than done.

There are no points in heaven or on earth for being worried.

Christ knew the evil that was inside the hearts of human beings. Still, he loved them enough to die for them.

Each one has turned to his own way. But God's eyes are on us, longing for the one who will return to him.

God loves human beings, though he knows well the rebellious human heart.

A part of loving someone is forgiving that person many times.

God will heal you wherever you are. You don't have to go anywhere or purchase anything. Just believe that you will be healed.

You belong with God. You belong to God. Say that. Affirm that. Nothing shall separate you from God!

God accepts you as his child, just as you are. The labels of this world cannot separate you from His love.

You cannot run away from God, if you belong to him. No one can pluck you out of his grasp, though he holds you tenderly.

Don't hear the condemnation of people. Hear the approval of God.

When you have been loved, you will know that you cannot pay a price for love.


The heavenly Lamb and the earthly one

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Way Is Love

“I’m the Way”, You say.
But what is the Way?
How do I pass through the Way?
Where will I begin?
And where will I end?

“I am the beginning and the end”, You say.
“The world is where the Way begins.
And Heaven is where it ends.
The Way stretches from here,
From the darkness of your own heart.”

“I’m the Way.
And the way is love.
Without love, I Am not.
Without love, you are not.
For I’m love,
And if you are Mine
You too are love.”

“Love is the Way.
To be with Me, you must love.
But to love you must learn from Me.
And you should learn to love others
Even as you learn how I love you.”

Samuel Godfrey George

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